Schreiber, Naomi Watts teach sons to be charitable

Monday 02nd, December 2013 / 20:15 Written by
Schreiber, Naomi Watts teach sons to be charitable

Actor Liev Schreiber says that he and his actress girlfriend Naomi Watts are teaching their sons to be generous and compassionate. The couple has two sons Sasha, 6, and Kai, 4, and Schreiber feels Christmas is a good time to teach them how to take care of the people in need, reports “This time of year — now that I have two small kids, (we’re) finding ways to teach them about generosity and compassion,” said Schreiber. The couple took the sons to a charitable organisation. “(We) took the boys up to the (homeless charity) Association to Benefit Children in Harlem, and they basically got to play with the kids for two hours and it was amazing,” said Schreiber.

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